Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Tree Past

Feeling a little better today.  I was going to paint inside but blue shadows were calling to me. Although I am now a bit "snow blind" I felt is was a good practice.


  1. Very nice! The shadow is perfect. I love the drawings. Can't wait to take Sherrie McGraw's drawing class in Scottsdale in April. Are you using Conte pencil for the woman? Do you use pastel pencils at all? What is the difference between the two? I have conte pencils, sanguine, and I love them. Carole Flaherty

  2. Thanks "Anonymous".

    Yes, rub it in, I'd love to be at Sherrie's class.

    I did use a sanguine Conte pencil. I think Conte is a brand name for pastel pencils but I'd have to look that one up. If you get a chance ask Sherrie about the natural red chalk. I would love to try it but I know it is rare and hard to get.

  3. OK, I'll ask her. I love the conte sanguine, I think the pastel pencils come in a lot of different colors. I notice Susan Lyons uses them often. Time to do some research! Off to Google.