Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carmel Fog

I took Brian Blood's workshop this last weekend.  I learned a lot even though it was two days. Hopefully I will get rid of those bad habits I have been carrying around.  I love his use of color, bold strokes, sense of light, etc., etc. and hope to incorporate that into my work, that is, if I ever figure out how to do it.  This was one of two I didn't wipe.  This was next to the beach at Carmel, CA. I want to work more on this one but thought I would show it anyway.


  1. Suz,
    I'm curious about your process--you say you want to work on this more. I pretty much like it as is and wondered what you planned on changing. Have you thought about posting a series of the same pic as you develop it?


  2. I had to quit because I was supposed to meet Gordon and Wendy after class. ( I got lost and was late. Boy my ears were burning, hot!)

    There was some shadow below the ice plants, (red stuff in foreground) and some highlights in foreground. The sun was shining on the foreground. The fog was coming over the hill in the background so I wanted to add a hint of fog/cloud in the sky as well.

    Always a possibility I could screw it up too!