Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowy Mesa

It was snowing hard this morning and I had to to paint it.  What I found out once I was on the road was that it was a very wet, slippery kind of snow.  Luckily I didn't have an accident but I saw one who did slide off the road.  I decided to drive the back roads, hoping I didn't get down in a gully and couldn't get back out of it again.  The road I was on ended at the base of Mesa Verde and this is where this scene came into view.  I took a picture below to show how snowy it was, if you look closely you will see those big flakes.


  1. I like this, Susan; you definitely captured the atmospheric conditions of the day! We got flurries here in Durango, but I could tell there was some accumulation up on the La Platas. You're brave to paint in the snow - I get way too cold unless I'm constantly moving :).

  2. Thanks Sonja. If you're ever over in my area and need a painting partner give me a call!