Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Assessment

This is an older drawing of mine.  I am on jury duty right now so I thought I would post this instead.

This young lady was acting in a play for my son's school project.  She was checking her makeup at the time I took the picture of her, it always makes me laugh.


  1. I love this! Actually, I enjoy all the graphite drawings you post; they are a nice mix with the oil paintings, and make me want to start drawing more.

    Jury duty...were you picked as a juror, or are you just in the pool? From personal experience, I know how grateful both the defendant and plaintiff are for the time and service given by jurors.

  2. Thanks Sonya. I refer to these as a "punt", I didn't quite get to my goal so I put in something I did a long time ago.

    I was in the pool but it ended up getting cancelled. I don't mind doing jury duty, but I would enjoy drawing all the people more.

    Warm days...until the sun goes down!