Monday, January 31, 2011

'Ol 55

Carol Marine is doing a Daily Paintworks Challenge and I decided it would be good practice to participate. She is a woman of boundless energy and an amazing talent.  Click the links above to see Carol's work and the "Challenge" to see all the entries.

I believe this car is a 1955 Chrysler Imperial, possibly a coupe.  If it is not please let me know.  Lots of cars from this era sported fins and chrome with that "Buck Rogers" look.


  1. Nice job on this, Susan! I saw Carol's post earlier and love the idea of a new painting challenge being hosted, since Karin J's DSFDF was discontinued. I may have to give it a go as well, since I love vintage autos like this, and shiny stuff :).

    I like how you chose a different format for your version, too.

  2. Thanks Sonya. It would be great if you would join in. We should go on a old car painting expedition sometime!

  3. Oh, count me in on that!

    There are two awesome old vehicles - a Ford truck and an old rusted Plymouth - out on the road to Vallecito Reservoir - that I have been thinking I need to paint. I took photos of them the summer before we moved here, and I bet they are still around. The truck is especially awesome - bright yellow and rust.

  4. Hey Susan, I really like your take on the challenge!... nicely cropped & rendered!....

    looking forward to the next one...:)

  5. Very nice how you changed the composition. I like it!!!!

  6. Thanks Darren and Renee. I'm glad you came to visit.