Monday, January 3, 2011

Storm at Barlow Creek

I took time off over the holidays and now it's back to work!

I was away over Christmas and got back just in time for a whopper of a storm.  It dumped at least two feet around the house.  This is up above Rico, Colorado at Barlow Creek.  I liked the sun peeking between the clouds and the snow fading the hills.


  1. Very nice, Susan! You totally captured the look and feeling of the storms, the muted light and the atmospheric perspective. I LOVE the area from Dolores to Telluride, and now I know what it looks like in winter.

    We only got about 1' of snow here, but the temps were crazy cold the night we got back (Dec 31), as I'm sure they were in your area. It was a balmy 37 degrees today ;).

    Curious - what size is this painting?

  2. Thanks Sonya. This one is an odd size, 6.5" x 11.5". I had this panel laying around and it fit the composition.

    We had -20ºF during the crazy cold.. It was nice yesterday but this morning it was -3º in Dolores...I think I'll work in the studio today.