Monday, February 7, 2011

Cherry Swirl

This is the next in the Daily Paintworks Challenge - The 10 minute challenge.  We are to do about 8 small squares of just ONE subject.  Each square should only be 10 minutes.  This has been a great practice and it was HARD not to get bogged down.  Oooh, that Carol is tough, but a great teacher!  The first two I got some of the cherry or shadow color tracked into the background color so they were a little over but the last was probably 7 minutes.


  1. Very cool! Love the bright yellow background for the cherry(s).

    I'm going to do this challenge as well; I can tell it will be hugely useful and probably something I'll do regularly.

    BTW, your "click here to bid" link isn't active.

  2. Your cherries look as though they're doing a little dance. Very nice.
    I like your landscapes. And you certainly live in a beautiful part of the country. Mesa Verde is one of my favorite places.

  3. Thanks Sonya and Shirley. Sonya, I love the pears you did for your entry.

    Shirley, it is pretty here but it's not too shabby where you're at either! Always loved going through Tennesee. Love your "Valentines" presents.

  4. I like how these work compositionally as a set.

  5. fabulous! just love those cherries and shadows all in different places. well done! i keep thinking of doing this challenge, i'm working up to it. : )

  6. Hi Jala and BMoon, glad you could come and visit. Thanks, I was just looking for a way to make it interesting visually too.

    BMoon, I hope you do the challenge. I'll be watching for you!