Thursday, February 24, 2011


My son loves to play "popeye" as well as "slug bug".   A game where you punch others, in the shoulder, when you see a car with a headlight out.  Slug Bug is similar but it is when you see a VW Bug.  In my son's particular game, the rules can sometimes change, suddenly, and new things can be added.  I have advised him this could go badly for him!


  1. Haha! Great title. Great detail in the painting of this poor old truck.

    I once was roommates with a guy (an adult) who tried the "slugbug" thing with me...once. Hope your son outgrows that sooner rather than later ;).

  2. What a great piece. Oldie but goodie.
    I love the way you worked the rusty parts.

  3. Thanks Sonya and Irit.

    Sonya, I'll remind him of that. Outgrow it? I started "slug bug" with him!

    Irit, burnt sienna came in handy for those rusty parts.

  4. This is cool--cute title too--brought back memories of "punch buggy!" Nice painting.

  5. Thanks Stephanie. My son loved to say "Punch buggy...buggy punch back!" which was a line from Lilo and Stitch.