Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring in Price Canyon

This is another sketch of a scene I did while riding in the car.  This is just out of Price, Utah heading on Hwy. 6 toward Soldier Summit.  These are all "quickies" since we were on the move and I wanted to note the scene.   I just couldn't resist trying to capture what I could.


  1. I like the freshness of both of this and the other w/c sketch; both are definitely identifiable as Utah! And how adventurous of you to even attempt to paint in a moving car!

    I've not been to Price or along Hwy 6 before....

  2. Thanks Sonya. There are some nice rock formations around Price, but not quite like Moab.

    Actually the painting wasn't as hard as I thought either...except for 191 between I-70 and Moab. I accidentally smashed my brush into the paper a couple of times on that bumpy stretch of road.

  3. I love the drives(s) up to Park City. These do capture that. Well done!

  4. Thanks Casey. Wish I was in the Spokane area for the art fair this weekend. Would have loved to have seen your work in person!