Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sun and Snow

Since it was a school holiday yesterday we went up to Telluride.  While the family went skiing I wandered down near the park where I could walk along a cleared trail to find something to paint.  Since the snow was up to the picnic table tops I decided to clear off a table top as my base of operations.  Wading out to the table was rather interesting with a backpack on. Although it was about 15ºF, the sun was warm and sitting out of the wind made it rather nice on my perch.  


  1. Very cool! This little cabin reminds me of on that's near Molas Lake, although that one has more windows. We snowshoed there last year and it had a big snow biscuit on the roof like yours has.

    I envy your ability to paint in cold weather. I don't even like being outside when it's 15 degrees, and painting is definitely out of the question ;).

  2. Thanks Sonya. Snow biscuit, never heard it called that before, I like it! This is one of those "2x4" buildings, you know, they lay 2x4's like logs and stack them up to make the building?

    Surprisingly, it didn't seem that cold, only my right hand got cold from being on the shady side.