Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This was the second day of the Mancos Open Studios Tour and the Weber Canyon fire.  The fire was much closer this day and the winds carried the smoke overhead covering the sun.  Those little bits of white and black stuck to the painting are actually ash from the fire.

Things are looking better there today but it is still only 15% contained.  This and the previous posted artwork are for sale and the purchase price will go directly to the Mancos Fire Department.  You can purchase it from the Goodnight Trail Gallery or you may contact me directly, because the gallery may be temporarily closed because of the fire.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weber Canyon Fire, Day One

     On Friday a fire started up Weber Canyon near Mancos, CO.  Well before this fire broke out, we were to have our first Mancos Open Studio Tour this Saturday and Sunday.  I was painting in town on Saturday and the smoke and fire were all I could concentrate on so I painted it.  I decided that I will donate all the money to the Mancos Fire Department for their hard work at trying to get a jump on it.  Unfortunately it is tinder dry here and with winds the fire grew rapidly.  It has now taken about 6000 acres of land and, thankfully, so far no houses are involved.  If you wish to purchase this, or the other painting I will post tomorrow, you may call the Goodnight Trail Gallery in Mancos at 970-533-1177.  100% of the price of this painting is going to the Fire Crew.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Noon Moon

I have been out for a while.  My son just graduated from high school and I had quite a few family members come to visit for the occasion.  I had to spend a good deal of time just cleaning before they came, and recoup after, but it was well worth it to see everyone.  I truly enjoyed having them here.

I went out painting yesterday, up in the mountains with friend Veryl.  It was a glorious day and we wasted none of it.  This is up at the base of Helmet Peak in the LaPlata mountains.  I was looking for something fun to paint, when I turned around I noticed the moon hanging beautifully among the trees. I knew this was just what I was looking for.