Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Road Home

I have gone home to visit my mother and I love visiting with her, but I also love sneaking out early in the morning to paint here.  This is the midwest and mornings can be soft and green.  Although there has been an awful drought here, it is still greener than my other home in southwest Colorado.

This scene holds many memories for me.  I practically lived on my horse when I was younger and this was usually where I went.  This area is next to a creek and it flooded often.  A wonderful way to pass hot, muggy days was to ride through the cool flood waters.  At this exact spot we had to dismount to save our lab, Buck, who had gotten caught in the swifter water just before he was swept into the main channel.  And here too was where I found my first leach, thankfully not on me, taking it home to examine.  When I was riding home this is the view I remember.

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