Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Although I haven't been posting for a while, I have been painting.  I have been in a slump and not many good paintings have been coming out.  The good news is that I recently returned from a workshop with T.A. Lawson, a brilliant artist and pretty nice guy too!  This class was a good kick in my slump and got me thinking in the right direction.

This was from the first day.  I never expect to get a good painting in a class but this one turned out okay.  I probably should have been working on landscape or structures but I got enamored with this hasp, its honest, down home quality with rust, peeling paint and all.


  1. Forget the "should haves" - this piece is great! I'm glad the workshop and this unusual subject helped with your slump.

  2. Thanks Gabrielle, I grew up on an old farm and this brought back many good memories.