Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old Red

Well, after a bizarre 2 weeks of first, being evacuated from our home for a wild fire, then losing internet access for a week, I am finally getting back to posting.  Luckily the the wildfire took out no homes and everyone was safe.  I want to thank the brave men and women firefighters who fought on that line all night to save everyone's property and what an awesome bunch they are!

The internet got lost just after that because of an upgrade to the system, not the fire as I had thought!  It is a real eye opener to have no access for a week.  The bad, couldn't post or do much of anything I used to on the web,  the good, I got lots of things done that needed to be taken care of!

This is another old chair in front of "Back of Beyond Bookstore" in Moab that I did, post show for Plein Air Moab, just because I thought they had so much character.


  1. Glad to hear everything is okay!!!!

    I'm really liking this series of old chairs.

  2. Thanks Gabrielle. The fire was too close for comfort. I am on the hunt for more interesting chairs!