Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shem Creek Before Sunrise

     I have been out for the past two weeks exploring parts of the east coast that I haven't seen.  First, I went to Charleston, SC to see the American Impressionists Society show at the M Gallery there.  It was a spectacular show in a beautiful gallery.  I had never been in Charleston before and it was as fabulous as everyone had told me.  Southern hospitality at its finest.  I think I gained a few pounds but loved every minute of it.  I also made a new friend...and award winner, Za Vue, a wonderful artist.  I liked her even before she won the Presidents Award!  Even though I had an 8 hour drive the next morning to drive back up to Virginia, Za convinced me to go to the paint out in the 7 am.  I was glad I did.  There were dozens of potential paintings all the way to our meeting spot.  This is at the Shem Creek preserve before the sun got very high.  It's a bit scuffed because it rode in the car for 10 days.

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