Sunday, January 12, 2014


    I did a painting of this young lady earlier, which was titled "Erin", mostly because I didn't know the model's name then.  I am proud to say that my first portrait of her got accepted into the Best and Brightest Show at the Scottsdale Artists School for this year, which is showing right now.  It is a huge honor to be included in their show and I am truly humbled to be there.

     Last Friday was our weekly portrait group and lo and behold there was this beautiful model again.  I am trying some new solvents and mediums because Gamosol is giving me a headache.  This time I used linseed oil with a small bit of oil of spike lavender for my thinner.  I am still getting used to it but I liked this almost transparent wash with build up just for the look of it.  It has a softness that reminds me of Susan Lyons work that I am so fond of.


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