Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Lookout

     I have always liked this scene of the tree in my back yard when it is shadowed by the house with the lit hill in the background with its red soil and junipers.  Usually every morning there is a magpie on top looking for leftover goodies I have thrown out for them.  I enjoy these gregarious birds and their antics.  I had put out my son's left over pizza slices...deep dish.  I watched one work very hard at trying to pick up a slice and make off with it.  It finally got a good hold on the slice, he laboriously flew up on top of the closest fence, readjusted his load, then took off for the next fence.  Upon taking off, he immediately dropped, heavily, and with much effort, flapped to the next fence.  This labor was repeated again when he took off from that fence to a tree and so on.  They are incredibly smart...and determined.

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