Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lady with the Red Earring

Every Wednesday is an open portrait group in Durango, which I have recently been attending.  I haven't done any portraits in oil for a very long time and most are not worthy of seeing.  This was yesterdays attempt and since I like it enough I thought I would post it.


  1. Great job on this, Susan, especially since you did this from life. Her hair and clothing shadows are just terrific! Who hosts the portrait group? I would like to get back into doing them at some point, perhaps over the winter when it's too cold to paint outside.

  2. Thanks Sonya. I have been meaning to contact you about this. Durango Art Center hosts it. Tues. nights-6:30 to 8:30 Figure Drawing, Weds. morn. 10-1, upstairs. E-mail me and I can give you more information. I'd love to see you there!